Sunday, January 31, 2010

Diversity in the Classroom

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The question of how to introduce diverse cultures and ideas has come up in almost all of my teacher education courses. What is the most beneficial way to include diversity in the classroom, and what is the best way for students to learn about others as well as share their unique differences? According to the reading, open discussions might be one of the most beneficial ways to learn about your students. By allowing students to express their opinions and talk about their lives, both the teacher and the other students are getting a glimpse into the life of the student. If the teacher allows the students to hold the discussion without interjecting ideas, they will learn more about their students and the way they think.
I think another great way to bring diversity into the classroom would be allowing each student to give a presentation about themselves, their intersts, and their culture. This could include, music, food, traditions, and introducing family members. As a teacher I hope to open my students minds, and teach them that diversity is a good thing, and each one of them is unique and brings something to the table.

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  1. This is a topic that is always discussed in almost every TE class. We read a book in my TE 448 class called Persepolis. This was a graphic novel about a girl growing up in Iran during the revolution. I thought this book did a great job of showing a perspective about diversity. It also introduced diversity by being a graphic novel as opposed to a regular novel. Even though some of the topics are a little mature books like this I think would be a great addition in a classroom to talk about diversity. There are a lot of ways to talk about topics and discuss diversity without the students knowing sometimes. By reading books from different cultures and talking about them students will participate in discussions about diversity without even knowing.