Sunday, January 31, 2010


One way to get to know your students and the diversity in the classroom is to set up various discussions in the class about various topics. In the Almasi article about discussion it talks about the various methods of using discussion and how it can get students to participate. I think mixing up large class discussions and small group discussion that you sit in as a teacher will make you more aware of the diversity in the classroom. This discussion could be based on academic topics or topics that are more personal where you get to explore the issues of the students. In my CT's classroom (1st grade) she has a student of the week every week. And that student gets to bring in a poster with pictures from their family and the things the like to do. A bunch of the students are from different cultures and it gives not only the teacher a chance to get to know the diversity in the classroom but also the students.

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  1. I really like your CT’s idea on having students bring in family pictures to talk about their culture. It would also be great if a teacher brought his/her family pictures to share with the classroom since some of the students might become hesitant in sharing when the environment is yet secure for them. This discussion of naturally talking about individual culture brings in the value of diversity in the classroom. I would definitely want to incorporate an activity like this into my classroom one day and enhance the ideas within diversity among students.