Sunday, February 7, 2010

Type of Talk

There are minimal discussions present in our kindergarten classroom. However, I have observed CT ask questions regarding comprehension of the book in form of recitation than discussion, which the differences are mentioned in Almasi’s reading, “A New View of Discussion.” I understand why CT is only providing simple answer questions, and that is due to the importance in practicing to understand the concepts of comprehension before the students can lead their own opinionated discussions in a classroom.

Not all students think the same and have the same answers to the given questions in which some of the students need in depth instructional scaffolds for equivalent understandings of the texts. In our kindergarten classroom, students are eager to answer all the questions asked whether they know the answer or not. When the students don’t have the correct answers to the questions of the readings, the teacher still provides extra time for them to rethink about the text and the question so they can make connections themselves. However, not all students can do the thinking alone in which the teacher asks sub-questions that can lead students to think again within the primary question.

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