Saturday, January 23, 2010

Digital Native Quiz

I was pretty nervous to take this quiz, because I don't think of myself as "tech savvy". This quiz was going to be just a confirmation of how bad I am with technology, but strangley enough I knew a fair share of the answers. I think that sometimes I get overwhelmed with how vast and expansive that technology has became. Although I have grown up using computers in school and in my home, I never was one to spend hours on end at the computer. I took a basic class on power point and excel in 8th grade, but other than that I would say I just played around and taught myself the basics. So I would have to say that myself personally, I would think of myself as a first generation native. By that I mean I know the basics and a few advance parts of technology but overall, I know there is a lot of room for improvement. I took CEP 416 last summer online and that helped me immensly, but I am not fluent enough yet to be able to do all the stuff online without occasionally looking up how to do something. I think that is why I don't consider myself to be a native in technology.

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