Monday, January 18, 2010

NoteBlog 1

A goal of mine this semester is to try and learn more from my fellow classmates when it comes to successful and unsuccessful teaching practices. I think that we are all such a great tool for one another and sometimes we forget to use each other.
I also would like to find ways to engage young readers who complain about reading. I have observed this as a major problem in classrooms, finding creative, fun ways to engage our students and get them excited about reading. Hopefully this class will provide ways to determine appropriate books for the different reading levels and ways to use them.
Being able to understand myself as a learner is a challenge that I am excited about. I think that for me to be the best teacher that I can be this is imperative. If I don't understand how I learn personally, I don't belive that I can effectively teach others.

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  1. I agree with you Parker. I would like to learn new ways to get children excited about reading. I know myself I was never that excited about reading in Elementary School. I would like to incorporate reading with other activities that interest the children as well getting books that interest them. I know something else I would like to incorporate in my classroom is reading aloud. I remember loving that when I was in Elementary school and I know talking with the children in my placement that is something they look forward to everyday when my CT reads aloud to them. It gives them a chance to be exposed to different books and gives them an opportunity to enjoy listening to a book and see how reading can be enjoyable.