Saturday, January 16, 2010


After reading the syllabus some of the goals I have for myself for the semester are to be able to pick the most age appropriate text to put in my classroom for the students. I feel like my reading and writing skills are average and I want to learn how to best support the students in my classroom and make sure that they learn to the best of their abilities.

I want to also make literacy fun and engaging and incorporate other activities into reading and writing. Often times I think adults can underestimate children and their eagerness to learn or what they already know. I think it is important to let children explore and be creative at first so you as a teacher can see their abilities in a less formal way. I think it is important to develop a literacy curriculum that supports different types of learners. Every student learns and achieves success in a different way. I want to use this course to learn multiple ways to address different literacy topics to support my classroom in the future. I also think that it is important to have a positive attitude when presenting your students with literacy because if they see you excited they are more likely to be excited about exploring literacy.

I would like to use this course to aid my preparation for the future by learning multiple things to include in your classroom that deal with literacy. I think having a variety of activities and topics to introduce to the students keeps their interest and makes it more exciting and engaging for them to learn.


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  1. I agree with you Jen, I would like to learn how to teach writing because I do not feel like I am a particularly strong writer. I hope to learn what makes a good writer, and how to help students improve their writing skills. I am interested to see if we will touch on this at all this semester.