Sunday, January 31, 2010


In a classroom, students are present with values of diverse cultures and perspectives in which the process of getting to know their diverse thoughts becomes a challenge to teachers. This is because, the teachers take the role of deriving diverse thoughts from the students into the classroom discussions for the class to learn and appreciate different viewpoints. After reading Almasi’s article, “A New View of Discussion,” I was surprised to understand how students engage in discussions with diverse perspectives from their own experiences. Moreover, their varieties of unique experiences and viewpoints of the text create an informative discussion with new ideas from well written questions.

Teachers require welcoming the value of diversity among students and developing a classroom environment where diverse viewpoints are valued and learned. However, it is a challenge as teachers to go through the process of getting to know these diverse students, and utilize their values in learning. Therefore, teachers need to develop discussions among students in having them to talk about their diverse thoughts into the classroom environment respectfully. It is also important as teachers to come up with questions that can scaffold students’ diverse thoughts into the discussions.

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