Saturday, January 16, 2010

Noteblog One

My goals for the course are to become a good learner and acquire literacy and technology skills I lack for my prospective students. I am not a good writer or a technology dependent person, but throughout this course, I hope to attain knowledge and develop into a valuable resource towards students. Moreover, I wish to obtain various methods instructing literacy in a classroom where diverse backgrounds and levels of students are present.

There are increasing numbers of students with English language learners in an urban setting, and I believe the numbers are going to continuously increase. I want to prepare for the increasing number of students who lack in English literacy and as well for the students with English as their first language. Literacy is essential for students due to its interrelation with other subjects (science, mathematics, social studies, and etc.) in classrooms and daily lives. Towards students with different learning-styles, various methods and resources must be available in a classroom. Thus, I would like to “bloom” to a teacher who is prepared for any possible circumstances and a dependable resource for the students. Hopefully, my experience as an English language learner and various methods acquired from this course aides me in getting prepared for the teaching years that are ahead.


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  1. I think that you bring up a great point of how ELL students are going to see dramatic increases in the upcoming years. I liked how you mentioned all subjects as importance of pertaining to literacy, because too often I feel this gets neglected. I loved how you also mentioned hte different learning styles and resources must be available in the classroom. You sure got me thinking!!