Saturday, January 23, 2010

Digital Natives

When I first glanced at the title, "Digital Natives Quiz," I knew I was going to fail it. This is because I never think of myself as a digital person and I'm definitely not good with computers. However, I was surprised to know more terms than I did not from the quiz; and I believe the high technology world we live in had me unconsciously apply new programs like the wiki, blog, and IM into my world.

There is a well-known video called, "Shift Happens," and this video tells the audience on how fast the world is developing within technology and education. In just few years, almost all schools are going to be teaching based on programs installed in technologies. Moreover, digital literacy will emerge as more electronic than paper books increase. This will create teachers to find new ways in teaching literacy towards digital students with new materials. Even today, we are using wiki and blog to develop our literacy in which there will be more and more ways to learn in a digital world.


  1. Yoon, you bring up a great point with the "Shift Happens" video - it's a fairly new concept to me that our definition of literacy is continually evolving and I never quite realized how much of an impact technology would have on classrooms - but that's not to say the concept doesn't make perfect sense. In fact, it should be the thing we think about as far as relating to our future students.

  2. Yoon, I thought the same exact thing! I suprised myself on how many of the tech terms that I knew. I think that we often forget that because we grew up in a society where technology is so standard in our everyday life that we know more than we think! When I think about all of the new technologies that have come out even in the past 5 years it is so many!

    This is important to remember when teaching in Elementary schools because some of the students are going to be even more familiar with technologies in the classroom than we are!