Monday, April 26, 2010

Tompkins Ch 2

The Reading and Writing Process is so vital and I sometimes feel overwhelmed when I think about teaching it, but this chapter as well my project helped alleviate some of the stress. A really great part of the chapter was the portion about Online Publication Sites. I think that this is a great way to get students confident and comfortable with their writing. When I was in grade school the local paper would publish Kids Korner which was all local elementary school kids' writing. Everyone loved seeing their writing in the paper, and I rememeber it forcing us to also take great pride and make sure we had little to no errors in our writing.

I have tried to work with my study student on writing and showing him different ways to spell words he doesn't know. The case for not just him but all the students in my class, they just ask myself or CT. I have ran into problems with the process of sounding the word out with him because he struggles so badly with letter sounds. When we work together, we work on the very basic phonetic awareness and I try to sprinkle writing in when I can. He is a great artist so I encourage him to draw first and then write. Another technique that I use is have him write what he can and just spell how he would, then go back and have him read aloud to me what he wrote and write it down and then go back and show him the words he struggles with.

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  1. Being in a kindergarten classroom where students are just starting to sound out the letters for spelling, there are times when students will simply ask you how to spell a word without thinking to decode them with phonological sounds. Then, I break a word into syllables (students have recently been introduced) and sound it out slowly for the students to come up with a spelling of a word on their own. However, I have observed many students with frustrations in which led to decrease in motivation to write longer. Therefore, like your ideas of techniques, I had students focus on the drawings more than writing with correct spellings of words in which resulted with more details in drawings and somewhat similar spelled words of expressions.