Sunday, April 18, 2010

Early Writing Lessons

The biggest memory I have of learning how to write, is the lined paper that had the the dots in the middle of each line to teach me how far to go up for lower case and upper case letters. I also remember writing my name 100 times for practice in first grade. I also remember in kindergarten coloring letter people and making simple words with them. My most prominent memory of learning to write would consist of journals in second grade. We had to keep a daily journal, and funny enough I found it a couple of years ago and it provided a great laugh. I think that daily journals are a great tool for a multitude of reasons, such as students expressing themselves, practice of writing, and also learning how to put thoughts together in a well thought out plan.

I know for my students, daily journals will be a staple in the classroom, but I suppose nowadays blogs are the way to go.

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  1. I also remember practicing my name about a 100 times. I remember writing letters to friends or notes home to my parents. I also still have my journal. It is really funny to go back and read what you said as a kid. I think it is good to encourage students to practice writing, express themselves, and to be creative. This helps them gain confidence in writing their opinions and expressing themselves.