Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Language Arts Lesson Plan

I taught my language arts lesson plan on the book The Diggers. Originally I was planning on using the book Tar Beach, but after input from my C.T. decided on The Diggers. What was interesting about this book is that it begins as a story about things that dig; animals, people, and machines. But then develops into a story about a man and a goal he has. It was interesting to get input from the students about what they liked about the story as well as their predictions. After our discussion I had the students fill out sheets that asked them to tell one thing that happened in the beginning of the story, one thing that happened in the middle of the story, one thing that happened at the end of the story, as well as their favorite part of the story. It was hard to get the second graders to ask questions and have a strong discussion, but looking at their work really helped me see who understood and paid attention to the story. It was also a helpful assessment for seeing their writing skills. I was a little surprised to see that second graders were still having trouble making complete sentences. I saw many answers without capital letters or punctuation. All in all I think that the lesson was successful. The students had to remember the story, discuss what they thought, and recall information in order to write about the story.

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