Monday, April 26, 2010

Self Reflection Journal Entry

Over the course of the semester, our blogging group has touched on discipline of children quite a bit and been able to bounce ideas off of one another about how to implement that aspect into our classroom. In conjunction with that, we have spent a lot of time talking about how to generate a genuine, learning-filled discussion outside of the recitation-type that we know so well. In addition, we have spent ample time on how our experiences relate to how we teach and what that means for our future classrooms. It is an enlightening topic to address because we will be faced with a very real classroom next year, in which we have to come up with ideas and balance what we know in our heads with what is before us in the room.

The group does a really great job of challenging one another on certain aspects of the topics on which we’ve written; indeed, it is not uncommon for us to specifically identify a question or challenge for the other peers and give them something to really chew on. I am never disappointed in not being challenged with this group, and I take what my fellow teachers have to say to heart. I, too, try to make it a point to challenge deep thinking and further connections in the ideas being discussed because I really do care about expanding the knowledge of my peers.

Overall, I think that our group greatly benefited from the blog and would reward us with an A for all of our hard work and genuine comments that result in genuine learning.

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