Monday, April 5, 2010

Self-Assessment Noteblog Entry

Over the course of the semester, these blogs have been... well... for lack of a better word, taxing. While blogging about the readings themselves and connecting them to my own experiences has been worthwhile and helpful, I find the organization of the blog quite unorganized. I have trouble keeping up when we are supposed to blog and on what; to that affect, the blog assignment itself is somewhat ambiguous.

As for the quality of my own blogs, however, I believe that I have put much thought into each and every one of the write-ups I do, connecting them to my field experiences and looking for ways to put what I learn here into practice. Specifically, my thoughts and responses to others' blogs has changed the most over time. I am now learning how to question and challenge my peers, as well as provide relative examples to their thoughts, rather than simply agree and restate their ideas. For these reason, I think that I should receive an "A" on this blogging assignment. I do not take it lightly, as I truly believe that our work in the field is the greatest experience that we have in learning how to teach (books and articles can only go so far...).

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