Monday, March 22, 2010

Weinstein Chapter 7 Motivation

My kindergarten classroom is full of enthusiastically motivated students who crave for teacher’s attentions. Unfortunately, not all students are motivated in doing activities and learning new materials. This one particular student is absent most of the times and rarely participates in the discussion even though our CT calls him several times to express her care of all students. Even though this student dislikes the force of doing assignments, he tries his best to complete one when one of the TE 402 student sits next to him and explains slowly. This way, I thought he liked the attention of having one of us sit next to him in completing an assignment. However, there are moments when he drops everything and does the total opposite of getting the assignment done when we are next to him.
I have no clue where his behaviors are coming from or whether he still has the motivation to learn and complete what are assigned in the classroom.

I have observed that lower grades are more motivated in class participation where as grade level rises, the students’ motivation decreases. The motivation equation of expectancy x value is a delicate equation in which the teachers will need to continuously monitor in the classroom. Teacher’s compliments and positive attitudes in students’ works encourages students’ motivation and this is what I wish to continue practicing in my field placements, hoping it truly supports all students in level of their motivation.

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