Sunday, March 21, 2010


In my classroom I rarely see comprehension tasks given. Every Monday when I am there we split into reading groups and I am in charge of one group. We read small texts out of a book that it at their reading level. At the end of each text there are comprehension questions. There are about 5. Usually the students answer them at a bare minimum. The students are not excited to answer the questions and depending on the group it is only a few students that answer these questions. I think this is because when the class reads any books in general my CT asks for 3 comments or questions after the book and they do not have to relate to any comprehension. I think because of this the students do not feel that in small groups they have to answer comprehension questions. I think the students are comprehending the text it is just they are never pushed to answer the questions that they do not think it is important to pay attention to important plot details. From our class discussions I think my class could benefit from using the different comprehension strategies. Things that I think would be useful would be as simple as having one student from the group tell one thing that they remember from the text and having each student say something different. This would help the students remember parts as well as hear from other students. Then I think my CT or another teacher should ask additional questions about comprehension and call on students even if they are not raising their hand to see what they are thinking.

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