Monday, March 22, 2010

Tompkins Chapter 9 Facilitating Comprehension

Tompkins depicts various text factors for different genres in the chapter. The detailed factors for each genres, there is much to learn myself in literature. Moreover, I would like to point out the chart they provide on page 305, which involves different graphic organizers that are suitable to use according to different patterns of text structures.

One of the structures I would like to mention is the ‘Elements of Story Structure’ where it focuses on the beginning-middle-end of a story. I have facilitated this structure in my literacy lesson in the kindergarten classroom. Surprisingly, the students did extremely well in coming up with a story on their own concerning the beginning, middle, and end. Obviously, the drawings explained the most of their stories but the available word lines provided on the paper certainly gave them a chance to try writing using the word wall in the classroom. The step-by-step process of learning about the text seems to give great value for students to inherently comprehend the diverse texts that are valued in education.

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