Monday, March 22, 2010

Self Assessment Midterm

For me, the blog has been helpful, but I find myself interacting and communicating more with the people in class during actual class time. I have enjoyed though reading different perspectives and also found it beneficial to reflect on the readings and think about what I read and try to make the connections and write them out. I really think about what I post because I feel that it is a way to peer communicate and I know how much I benefit from other's post, I want them to learn from mine as well.

I have seen my thinking really changed from the class and others points of view. Have it been through the New Literacy Project and opening my eyes to a whole new way of teaching, or many helpful tips from the Tompkins reading, all of this together has added to my teacher tool box. I really think that I am gathering a bunch of new ideas and hearing from my peers certain techniques they have tried and either succeed or failed with. It has been a great learning experience so far.

The noteblog is a great tool to just say how I feel and what I think in a comfortable setting and get feedback from my peers. It is also helpful being on a blog, that I can go back and refer to it as many times as I need it.

I have to admit the New Literacies Project has to be one of the most beneficial assingments I have done in my four years of TE. I am not the most tech savvy and yet I learned and feel so comfortable with a whole slew of new tools to use. And with having the blog, I can read about others that were different from mine, and if I have a questions, post one, and have confidence that someone who knows what to do will answer it for me.

Learning from others has always been something I have tried to do in whatever setting I am in, and it is no different when it comes to this class. The only thing I wish is that we had access to all the blogs because I know how much I have learned from Yoon, Jen, Kelly, and Kristin that I can only imagine what everyone else has to offer.

I think that overall I have gotten so much out of this blog and I only hope that others have learned what I have, and at this point I would say I have earned a grade of an A-. I know that there were a few times in which I was confused and didn't post on time, but I made sure to go back and make those up.

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