Saturday, February 27, 2010


I really enjoyed reading this chapter. Comprehension is really what reading is all about, and I think that as teachers it is imperative that we monitor to ensure our students are understanding what they are reading. Being in a first grade classroom, I observe every time I go read with some of the students that don't often understand what they read. I liked how in chapter 8 there are several tables throughout and they really provide a lot of good strategies as well explain them in great detail. I really like the strategy of repairing. I think that evey chance we can take to put the children in control of their learning, the more likely they are to respond to the task. Repairing puts the reader in control and has them figure out what they are struggling with. I really think this is so much better than having us the teacher try and figure out where our studetns are getting confused. I also really like Setting a Purpose. If we have our students set the guidelines for what they want to learn, chances are they will be more motivated because they are striving for what it is they want to know. Overall I really see this chapter being a huge help when it comes to teaching Comprehension and really spells out different ways we can teach our students

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  1. I agree that it is important to monitor comprhension, but how can we monitor our students comprehension? How can we make sure they are getting the meaning out of the text, or "reading between the lines?"